Environmental Policy

The company is engaged in manufacturing and sales of electronic components, which contain green product design corresponding to major impacts to the environment, and green management requirement by waste and outsourcing companies. Hence, Neltron actively builds its environment management system while also continuously strive for improvements in order to achieve the following goals.


Legal compliance

Compliance with laws and regulations by the government and relevant environment rules by customer to echo the international environmental protection campaigns.


Energy conservation, with recycling and reuse

Achieving protection to earth via non-use of controlled substances or reduction, recycling and reuse.


All-Out environmental protection and sustainability training

Continued education and training to allow all employees conduct excellent environmental protection works in unity.


Communications and promotions on environmental protection policies

Allowing understanding of the company’s environment requirements by suppliers, customers and stakeholders through communications.


Open commitment in resolution of environmental protection

We make open commitments on the above affairs to the public and take actual participations in environmental protection actions to enhance the Company’s resolution in environmental protection.

The policies will be reviewed regularly or irregularly based on internal or external audits, feedbacks on performance appraisal, and management reviews, with review results available for access by stakeholders to ensure appropriateness and effective conduct of the policies.